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Helder is a Belgian one-man-band based in Oslo (NO) and Ghent (B). Helder is the alter ego of autodidact multi-instrumentalist, componist, producer and actor Helder Deploige. Helder has been playing acoustic, electric and resonator guitars, 5-string banjo, ukelele, mandolin, balalaika, accordion, harmonica, piano, drums, upright and electric bass and more with some of Belgium's finest alternative music bands and Europe's finest international music theatre, dance and literary productions like NIE, Kopergietery, Cie Cecilia.... Besides working as a freelance stage musician, composer and actor, Helder is a music producer taking care of the entire music production of several successful Belgian artists. In his home studio he plays, records, arranges and mixes every single instrument himself. 


One-man-band Helder released an album trilogy on his one-man-label Jarko. Taking care of the entire music production he plays, records, arranges and mixes every single instrument himself, either in his home studio or whatever part of the world he's in. In 2003 Helder records his debut album The King Lost His Crown: a compilation of honest, rootsy pop music produced in his own bedroom featuring guest vocals by Trixie Whitley (Black Dub) and Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly). In 2006 Helder leaves for New York City and Morocco to write, to gig and record his second solo full album: The Ceiling Is Not The Sky. Again, the album features guests like Steven De bruyn (El Fish) and Trixie Whitley. Both albums were critically acclaimed in the Belgian and Dutch press. In 2012 Helder releases the final chapter of the "The" trilogy: The Rhythm Of Change. An intens and growing album featuring artwork by Dooreman and distribution by Rough Trade.


On stage Helder plays dobro, 5-string banjo, ukelele, mandolin, accordion, harmonica and drums simultaneously. Solo or with an additional band of Flanders finest: Sjoerd Bruil (Dez Mona) on guitar, Bart Buls (Admiral Freebee) on bass, Arne Leurentop (Liesa Van der Aa) on keys and violin and Stoffel Verlackt (Gabriel Rios) on drums.